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Highly Qualified Guide


You will be asked a series of questions.  At the end of your session you will be provided with a document explaining your status.  Do not use the Forward or Back buttons as it can give you incorrect results. If you make a mistake go to the Main Menu link on the left.

ISBE has been advised by the US Department of Education that the HOUSSE option for veteran teachers (teachers with at least one year of teaching experience) must be phased out over time.  Once HOUSSE is phased out for veteran teachers, the only means teachers will have to demonstrate highly qualified status in a subject will be: 1) to pass a state exam;  2) to earn a major in the subject or; 3) to earn an advanced degree in a subject or an advanced certificate in a subject.  IFT is advising that all veteran teachers use HOUSSE to determine their highly qualified status in all possible core academic subjects they believe they may be assigned to teach-both now and in the future.

For additional resources go to the sites listed on the left navigation pane. OTIS can be used to check your tests and current credentials. Once you logon to OTIS go to Credentials then Tests on the left. CeRTS can be used to check your professional development activities.

Special Education Teachers: ISBE has provided a document with additional information on special education certification to help you as you complete this process. Make sure that you read the document Special Education Definitions before you answer any questions in this worksheet. You may also refer back to the definitions through blue links you will find in the document.